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Gold King Mine Emergency Response IWTP

MineWater professionals designed and directed the construction and operations of the interim water treatment plant for the USEPA ERRS contractor Environmental Restoration immediately after the accidental release to the Animas River on August 5, 2015.  This project was initially awarded in September 2015 to AEG, and Mr. Harrington directed the construction and operations from RFP through winter operations for AEG. 

Asarco Globe Smelter

Several of MineWater's staff professionals were involved in the concept creation in 2003 throughout the process of in-situ groundwater pilot testing from 2005-2008 (financed by Mr. Harrington prior to joining AEG), oversaw the design and construction of the wastewater treatment facility in late 2010 (while at AEG), implemented the full-scale groundwater remedy from 2012-2014, treated 550,000 cubic yards of RCRA hazardous wastes during 2013-2015 to eliminate the toxicity characteristics of the leachable arsenic and cadmium and restored the creek adjacent to the property.

MineWater investments


MineWater invested in the development and implementation of the Voluntary Cleanup (VCUP) under the Colorado DPHE Brownfields program for the former Aurora Old Colfax Landfill Site. As a result of the strategy developed by MineWater's staff and our financial investment 38 acres became useable ground for urban in-fill redevelopment. During the VCUP implementation the MineWater strategy enabled the Site to become critically  instrumental in support of the soil management program at the VA hospital in Aurora.

Barite Hill Superfund Site

MineWater personnel designed and implemented the in-pit treatment of the Barite Hill pit lake to reduce the toxicity of the Pit Lake. Since 2008 our staff was involved in the annual maintenance of the Lake water quality through periodic injections of the alkalinity and soluble carbon to enhance the ecosystem performance and to continuously passively mineralize the heavy metals entering the Lake from the surrounding pyrrhotitic mine wastes.  MineWater was awarded follow-on maintenance work at the Site by OTIE (the EPA START Contractor for Region IV) in spring 2016.  

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