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Development programs

MineWater LLC is the general contractor for the acquisition, cleanup and redevelopment of the London Mine including decreed water rights, 3,400 acres of land and mineral rights along with substantial mineral resources already stockpiled on the surface near Fairplay Colorado. The lead partner in this project and owner of the mineral and surface rights and a portion of the economic rights in the water, is MineWater Finance LLC.

On August 3rd, 2016, MineWater entered into a contract to perform all the work under the Consent Order and Settlement Agreement with the State of Colorado (entered into on the same date with the WQCD of the State) pertaining to the London Mine. 

Since August 2016, MineWater has drilled 2700 feet of PQ size bore holes using diamond drilling, with excellent core recovery, and some interesting geology encountered that is conducive to both mine development and water production.  Additionally 1881 feet of large scale (24" diameter) boreholes found incremental water and gold-bearing mineralization near the Water Tunnel during the 2017 drilling program.

MineWater has also rehabilitated the Water Tunnel of the London Mine back to the Water Raise to enable remediation of the water contamination, pursuant to the Consent Order linked below. Since our last drilling efforts in 2020, MineWater has also repaired the Water Tunnel to the 0210 drift and connected one borehole to the tunnel.


Plans involve dewatering the permeable and heavily faulted formation on the northern and western boundary of the mine workings to reduce hydrostatic head entering the mine workings.

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