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Solving water issues in mining since 1993



MineWater develops strategies for addressing heavy metal contamination at mine sites across the US.

In addition, MineWater is able to partner with property owners to provide investment in treatment solutions at mine sites in certain jurisdictions in the United States.


MineWater designed, owns and operates the Water Treatment Facility located at the Captain Jack Mill / Big Five Tunnel. 


MineWater professionals managed the installation of the Gold King Interim Water Treatment Plant (in 21 days from Notice to Proceed until operations).

MineWater personnel also directed the Globe Smelter (proposed NPL) CERCLA cleanup in Denver CO including the attainment of groundwater standards through in-situ immobilization for dissolved arsenic, cadmium, selenium and zinc.


MineWater also manages the London Mine district near Fairplay CO. 



MineWater LLC was founded in 2016 by Joseph Harrington.  MineWater solves water issues related to mine sites, particularly arising from the mobility of dissolved heavy metals. We maintain relationships with the community, regulators, financing partners, our affiliated senior professionals and valued service providers to ensure that our proposed solutions work for all stakeholders, are implementable, and create value.

MineWater is a small business with locations in Northglenn, Aurora, and Alma Colorado. 


Field Services Facility

 10924 Leroy Drive,

Northglenn CO 80233

London Mine Facility

1269 CR 696

Alma CO 80420

Big Five Tunnel Treatment Plant

0.2 Miles NW of 92 California Gulch Rd

Jamestown CO 80455

Tel: 720.883.6700

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